Mohandas Karamchand GandhiWelcome to India Employment Organization

The "india-employment" web site hopes to provide Sub Domains to employment irrespective of their affiliations , political persuations, wishing to take space in the web site so that they will have the freedom to update information on developments in their respective spheres of activity.

The contents of the web are so designed to provide every possible information on the whole gamut of Indian Labour Movement and International Labour Movement- both past and present as comprehensive and all encompassing as possible. Besides this newsupdates of events on the labour front world over- will be made available through news updates in the "The Labour Herald", the daily.

----Being partisan to labour will open its web pages to all trade unions, all group of labours irrespective of their political persuasions, affiliations trade- union affiliations.The news and events will be presented objectively as they happen.


To see an exploitation free world where labour gets powerfully organized and integrated globally into a free, democratic, disciplined workforce, protecting and advancing the cause of all workers world over internationally irrespective of race, religion, creed or sex.


To build enduring bonds of solidarity through the net among labour globally so that the international labour (movement)) actualizes the ideals and principles embodied in the Philadelphia declaration of ILO.

Right of Information Act

In exercise of powers conferred under Section 5(1) read with Section 2 (C) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (No.22 of 2005), and in supersession of Notification of even number dated 28th July, 2010, the Central Government in the Ministry of Labour & Employment designate Sh. Vikas, Director, Ministry of Labour & Employment as Nodal Officer for the purpose of Right to Information Act, 2005 in respect to this Ministry & Attached offices/Autonomous organizations under the aegis of this Ministry and will also co-ordinate all actions taken up by the public authorities under the aegis of this Ministry and will also coordinate all actions taken up by the public authorities under the Ministry of Labour & Employment regarding designating the CPIOs and ACPIOs for carrying out the purpose of the said act.